Provides Role Clarification

  1. A clear map of the role and the kind of person it requires in terms everyone can understand, not a lot of jargon.
  2. Resolve differing views objectively by comparing each person’s picture of the role.
  3. Update at any time if the role changes.
Show the way

Easy to use, objective and fast

  1. Available via the Internet 24/7, whenever you want it, so no problems with time zones or overseas input.
  2. Uses clear, objective, easy to understand criteria to map the role.
  3. Covers the kind of thinking, action, outlook and competence needed to be effective in the job.
  4. Full reports are available within 48 hours or less.

Focuses on the Essentials

  1. Doesn't waste time and energy on things that scarcely matter to better performance.
  2. Maps any role against 12 key criteria you learn once.
  3. No wordy reports or vague generalizations. Everything is visual and easy to grasp in a moment.
  4. Shows everything you need to know and nothing you don’t.

ROLESCRIPT™ delivers the power and simplicity you need. Find out more right away.

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