The Coyote Within


Imagine a movie or a play where every actor is working from a slightly different script and the director has a script that doesn't match any of them. That's what it's like in most organizations today; and why people can't get the results they're aiming for.

Set the stage for better performance

The major cause of unsatisfactory performance isn't the people or the management. It's faulty communication of performance and role expectations. Job descriptions quickly become outdated. They also omit the most important step in matching action to expectation: how the job must be done, not just what tasks it contains.

More Pressure Every Day

You face constant pressure to do more with less. That means making sure every person’s performance is as good as it can be. Everyone has to be in the right role with no unnecessary people or jobs. So you need a simple, objective way to match people with jobs.

A Simple, Cost-effective Way to Solve Your Problem

ROLESCRIPT™shows you who you need and where they're needed, simply, cheaply and without fuss.

ROLESCRIPT™pinpoints the exact demands of any management, staff or professional role.

ROLESCRIPT™ gives you the tools to get back in charge of the action. Its simple, clear reports show you where miscommunications exist — and exactly what's needed to put them right.

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